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World Voices Nexus

The WCCES Executive Committee appointed Journal/Newsletter Task Force (JNTF) is excited to announce the development of World Voices Nexus. World Voices Nexus is an academic newsletter published by the WCCES. It is designed to increase the visibility of the WCCES, circulate critical and current research, provide education news and showcase research, teaching, and programs of individual members and societies. It is digital global commons where voices of the WCCES share and meet at a nexus that is necessary to sustain a sense of interest, camaraderie and synergy between World Congresses.

The JNTF has an ambitious plan of publishing three issues per year in the six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian). The content of World Voices Nexus will rely heavily on individuals and societies of the WCCES. Before each issue the editorial board will send out a call for contributions to WCCES Member Societies and members of the Standing Committees. Therefore, we look forward to WCCES members routinely sharing their specific insight, knowledge, experiences and news. The first call will soon be disseminated for the inaugural spring issue. For more information please contact co-Chairs Prof. Gauri P. Hardikar and Prof. Amasa Philip Ndofirepi.

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